Urban Agriculture Story: Get fresh in Miami with Hammock Greens

See how Hammock Greens is transforming unwanted spaces in Miami into indoor fresh food oases using their 6 container farms.

Histoire d'agriculture urbaine: Contrer la hausse de prix des aliments avec Les fermes In.Genius

Découvrez un modèle d’agriculture urbaine vertical qui lutte contre la hausse des prix des aliments sans compromettre la qualité, la variété et la rentabilité.

Urban Agriculture Story: Fighting food price increases with In.Genius Farms

Discover a vertical farming business model that is fighting increasing food prices without compromising quality, variety or profitability.

Award Winning Maple Syrup Made in a Backyard: A Taste of Change in The Maple Industry

Discover how this micro-scale sugar shack has managed to stand out among the biggest players in the industry, thanks to its award-winning maple syrup.

Faire du sirop d'érable d'exception dans sa cours arrière: le goût du changement selon la Sucrerie des jaseurs

Découvrez comment la Sucrerie des jaseurs, une érablière à échelle humaine, a su tirer son épingle du jeu dans l’industrie acéricole québécoise et s’imposer parmi les grands avec son sirop d’exception.

Urban Agriculture Story: Growing Microgreens with Wizard Greens’ Magic Touch

Learn how a young couple from Ottawa, Canada, started a profitable business by growing microgreens out of one of their rooms. This is the story of Wizard Greens, developing a smart urban agriculture approach to revolutionize the business of microgreens.

Urban Agriculture Story: From NASA science to indoor gardening with Vertiponic

Discover how Vertiponic could help us all to grow high-yield organic foods on tiny surfaces using High Pressure Aeroponics, a technique developed to grow food in Space. Fresher, Faster, Safer. Get ready to take off!

Urban Beekeeping Story: A Profitable Hobby That Benefits Everyone

In 2016, I was introduced to beekeeping during a hive inspection with Martin, RakeAround’s first urban beekeeper to join our community. Since he started beekeeping 3 years ago, Martin’s passion for bees has kept on growing, and so have his beehives! Selling honey helps him to sustain his hobby, but there’s way more to the story.

Is Growth Hacking the Missing Ingredient in Urban Agriculture?

Many urban agriculture projects and small-scale urban farmers tend to struggle financially. When it comes to marketing their products, they often use outdated, costly and inefficient methods. To survive, urban growers definitely need to improve their digital presence and leverage e-commerce opportunities. That's where a bit of growth hacking mojo could make a difference. Time to think differently!

5 Reasons Why Dublin Is Becoming One of the Best Urban Agriculture Hubs

Discover incredible projects in Dublin and why this city is one of the world leaders in urban agriculture​.

An Urban Agriculture Story: DIY Hydroponic with Keith from Hottawa Peppers

Starting a hydroponic urban farm and building a greenhouse for it may seem a bit daunting. However, this is exactly what Keith has done at Hottawa Peppers. We thought that sharing his story, his DIY steps to growing hydroponically and some of his business tips might show you that it is possible to create an urban agriculture project of your own.

How to Sell your Maple Syrup Online: Solutions for Small-Scale Maple Syrup Producers

Having a few hundred taps may seem modest in the maple syrup industry. Nevertheless, the value of this type of production is easily calculated in thousands of dollars. Although some people manage to sell their products via relatives, friends or word of mouth, the economic potential of small-scale maple syrup producers is still underdeveloped...

DIY Homegrown Produce Photography: 5 simple tips to capture appealing food photos

You've put time and efforts into seeding, growing and harvesting your products. Now comes the time to sell. But here's the thing, people tend to eat with their eyes first. Hence, the way your products are presented plays a large part into whether or not someone will be willing to buy them. Especially when you sell online.

How to Sell Homegrown Produce on RakeAround

Thinking of starting your urban agriculture project and selling homegrown produce online? Find out how RakeAround can make it simple, easy …and fun!

The Personalization of Local Food

Nowadays, no matter what you are trying to sell, it must be fluid. At all times, it must adapt as much to people’s singular needs as to economic fluctuations or social, cultural and environmental expectations. Products and services can no longer be homogeneous, as is usually the case in a classical economic model. On the contrary, they have to be increasingly singular, which means differentiated from one another. Local food is no exception.

New Technologies for Hyperlocal Food: Doing More and Better with Less

The online and physical worlds continue to blur; this is something local food systems can't afford to ignore. Fortunately, the technology of the internet, big data, and the internet of things (IoT) are becoming powerful tools for a growing number of small and micro-scale food producers who use them to do more and better, with less.

How Demographic Trends Can Help Build Sustainable Food Systems

Demographic trends in developed economies will bring their fair share of challenges in the 21st century, but might also provide urban areas with unique opportunities to develop their own sustainable food systems.