How to Sell your Maple Syrup Online: Solutions for Small-Scale Maple Syrup Producers

by Dominique Bernier,

Having a few hundred taps may seem modest in the maple syrup industry. Nevertheless, the value of this type of production is easily calculated in thousands of dollars. Although some people manage to sell their products via relatives, friends or word of mouth, the economic potential of small-scale maple syrup producers is still underdeveloped, because of a lack of means to sell their crops easily, quickly and efficiently.

With the internet and the latest advances in e-commerce, individuals have now tools to properly operate production, marketing and distribution of products and services formerly reserved exclusively to professionals or businesses.

Is e-commerce can stimulate the economic potential of small-scale maple producers and maintain their competitiveness against the major players in this industry? We believe that the question deserves to be asked and, above all, that alternatives be proposed. It is unlikely that the maple industry will make an exception to the disruptive changes underway. Which is, the arrival of a growing number of individuals who can efficiently market their maple syrup production, using powerful marketing and distribution solutions, supported by the Internet and e-commerce platforms.

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RakeAround Online Solutions to Market and Sell your Maple Products

1. Simplify your marketing

Become a producer and start selling online with RakeAround within 5 minutes and a few clicks. Once your producer profile is completed and your market open, all you have to do is to share it on your favorite social networks. It will increase the visibility of your market and your products.

2. Optimize your sales using the instantaneity of the Internet

Start selling your syrup as soon as it is available by publishing your products on your RakeAround market. Then again, share the news to notify your network and start receiving purchase requests.

3. Communicate with your customers

Once you have accepted a purchase request, contact your buyer via RakeAround messaging to establish the terms on how you will hand over the purchase.

4. Prioritize proximity

Eliminate distribution costs for your syrup. With the “What’s near me” feature, RakeAround prioritizes the visibility of your products to buyers living in your city or neighborhood. To really optimize your sales: the closer, the better! This will save you time and money when it comes to handing over purchases to your buyers.

5. Create experiences and stand out

A production of hundreds of taps gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself by creating original and unique products. Stories of falsified maple syrup questioned the authenticity of the so called 100% pure products purchased in grocery stores. In addition, these industrial syrups are often composed of sap from about forty sugar bushes, making it impersonal. By promoting your practices, the unique taste and subtleties of your products, you create a personalized link with your customers and shape authentic experiences.

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As e-commerce-for-all is still relatively new, RakeAround provides a simplified online selling process to help small-scale urban food producers generate revenues, without the burden of attending farmer’s markets or spending too much time searching for customers. Proximity buyers can find their products in one click, using the “What’s near me” feature. Our user experience is designed to make buying local products simpler, fresher and faster by considering both producers and consumers’ busy urban lifestyles.

You’re a small-scale maple syrup producer with products to sell? Let us help you reach buyers near you!

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Dominique Bernier

Dominique is the co-founder of RakeAround. For him, demographic trends, the democratization of technology and the personalization of food will shape food systems of the 21st century.